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SBL's Leftist of the Month

Morgan Freeman!

Above: Freeman hears someone mention Stalin and gets a big woodie!

There is an actor (Really? Isn't he exactly the same in everything he does?) in Hollywood with the laughable name of Morgan Freeman. Laughable because he hates Freedom and drools with lust at the mere mention of a gulag. This simp has somehow made it illegal to produce a Hollywood film in which he is not featured. And if God shows up in any prospective script, he always seems to have first rights of refusal. Why? Because he's black. Everyone knows that God is black. Right?

According to hacker Guccifer 2, Freeman donated $1,000,000 to whom? The Clinton Crime Syndicate! This makes him an accessory to murder, treason, grand larceny, rape, pedophilia and very fat legs. Why would he do this? Most people donating that kind of filthy lucre to the Clintons expect a quid pro quo. What can Freeman get out of them? Maybe a constitutional amendment making him the national symbol? After all, we've had the bald eagle for a long time and Freeman has certainly appeared in more movies lately since he's in EVERY ONE. This is the same idiot who said:

"The Tea Party will do whatever it can to get this black man [Obama] outta here."

Well, duh Morgan. Did you figure that out on your own or did Oprah have to help you? The Stalinist/Democrat Party felt the same way about Ronald Reagan. Morgan figured out that the Right opposes the Left. What a blithering genius he is!

The problem is that Freeman also labeled the Tea Party as "racist". Every single person. And, of course, he knows since he is God:

Fox411: Do you think there is a God?

Morgan Freeman: Do I think there is a God. Um [pause] yeah.

Fox411: You paused.

Morgan Freeman: I paused because I am God.

Wow. I only thought Obama believed he was God. Maybe Obama and Freeman can battle it out in the heavenlies like Lucifer and the Archangel Michael.

Of course, Freeman is sometimes confused with Nelson Mandela. To counter-act this, the dignified, gentlemanly Freeman sent out this tweet:

"I'm still alive you stupid fucktards. Please stop confusing me with #NelsonMandela."


Maybe people only think he is BRAIN dead since his acting consists of playing the same character in every film and delivering his lines in a flat monotone. Maybe people think he's an android or a tree since his acting can best be described as robotic and wooden.

Of course, how can you take someone seriously whose face looks like it received a massive wet rectal blast from Michelle Obama's prodigious south end? Talk about shit-faced!

Can we please retire this BORRRRRRRRRING actor soon..., like yesterday? Freedom-loving Americans should avoid his crappy flicks and not put a single dime in his pocket that he can then hand over to Stalinist, America-hating Progs like Obama and the Clintons. He's just a tool to these scumbags, but is too stupid to realize it. Time for Morgan Freeman to turn his walker toward the Sunshine Happy Acres Assisted Living Facility where the Jell-O is always runny and the smiling custodians are always ready to pull the plug.